The Next Version 

The Next Version

We haven’t stopped working. As we roll out this amazing technology, our team is busy working on the next version. Our talented team members are currently testing brand new innovative ideas and concepts, never seen before. We consider our team members to be the cream of crop with many technological achievements between. One member has worked closely on the Space Shuttle project with NASA, another has had patent filings in systems utilized in the Mortgage Banking Industry.


Grounding Ourselves

Aside from our creative design concepts and innovations, we are constantly working with Top Mortgage Producers to design new technologies that can make them more efficient, compliant and productive. We understand that we can simplify the process for the homebuyer with a system that replicates the functionality of a loan officer, but with higher efficiency.


Futuristic System

We are now starting to develop even more new mortgage systems that were just concepts a few months ago. The end result is to deliver a system that is seamless in its operation to the homebuyer. Our research and development team has always prioritized identity and privacy concerns. Our futuristic system allows us to read actual borrower’s income, assets and credit seamlessly. We are designing processes that usual takes weeks for a Mortgage Bank to perform and execute the same functions in a matter of seconds.


Always in Compliance

We strive to make our concepts not only highly efficient, but highly compliant. While our next version is already in the works we continue to integrate new QM regulations into our systems. Various updated QM guides that affect different mortgage processes, from underwriting conditions to Qualifying Ratios are all integrated. Aside from running multiple calculations, the system runs complex algorithmic formulas, while qualifying each homebuyer based on their individual circumstance. We make sure the borrower is given a Loan Amount that is within set guidelines.


Two Birds With One Stone

We can accurately determine a borrower’s approval eligibility and at the same time meet the Bank’s Compliance requirements. The system has customizable reports that can assist the Bank’s Compliance department with needed information. It can track the progress for each loan received through the system and prevent it from moving further when it is out of compliance. It can be programmed to alert any Bank Manager when that occurs. This robust technology does so much more, but more importantly it will take your Bank to the next level, in Banking Achievements.


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