How it Works 

How Banks and Mortgage Banks Benefit

The system was designed so that any Bank can utilize this tool through an online personalized mortgage website. The primary objective is to provide the Bank with high levels of Loan Submissions specific to their geographical location compliant with new 2014 Qualified Mortgage guidelines. When a homebuyer completes the process through the Bank’s site they would have a fair understanding of what Sales Price, Loan Amount and Down payment they would qualify for.


Given the Borrower’s specific income and monthly debt, the system allows a borrower to continue only if their Debt to Income Ratio is QM compliant. The user will also receive a list of loan conditions specific to the borrower’s income, assets and liabilities. These loan conditions are all preprogrammed into the system and will conform to each specific Bank Program. After the Bank completes the required loan application and verifies credit, the borrower’s package would be ready for underwriting.


Taking Your Bank to the Next Level

Our company’s objective is to empower the consumer with an advanced mortgage tool that is fast, simple and easy to use. The website’s layout is user friendly for a first time homebuyer to navigate through. From the comfort of their home, on a weekend, after work, or at night, the 24/7 Automated Loan Officer will become the first step a Homebuyer will take before meeting with a Bank representative or even before meeting with a Real Estate Agent


As consumer privacy is a prime objective, we devised a system requiring only non-identifying information while allowing the consumer to learn about the mortgage process and qualifying them in the process. Continuing with the progressive evolution of the banking industry, we have used the best minds in the industry to create a system that is designed to increase mortgage production exponentially while decreasing the cost to produce in the same fashion.


Nationwide Platform

First Home Agency, LLC, is a technology based company that has created the first Automated Loan Officer which delivers live Mortgage leads. and all sub domains are created with our proprietary technology. All sites are designed with the objective to bring purchase transaction leads directly to Participating Banks. The site is County specific and allows prospective homebuyers to select a specific Bank program and immediately qualify themselves.


Participating Bank can also receive a personalized URL that contains the same proprietary engine but specific to the Banks rates, fees, loan programs and loan conditions.


The Latest in Banking Innovation

The First ATM Machines appeared in 1969, the first Supermarket Bank Branch’s opened in 1984, the first Online Internet Banking was offered in 1994. In the spirit of these innovations, in 2014 the first online Automated Loan Officer is making its debut.


Advancements in technology have allowed the banking architectural structure to progress significantly over time. The main ingredients for successful banking innovations have been the following; cutting bank costs, customer convenience, increasing business and production, empowering the customer with information and 24/7 accessibility.


The ATM machines were designed to minimize the need to visit a Bank. Today over 2.2 million machines can be found everywhere and can handle multiple functions. The first Supermarket Bank Branch opened in 1984 and has managed to cut bank operating cost by 20%. The first Online Internet Banking service was offered in 1994. This tool revolutionized the banking industry and thus the term home banking evolved. Today bills are conveniently paid by millions of customers through this process.


Now with current technological advancements in desktop and tablet computing, we are unveiling the first Automated Loan Officer. This technology, a progressive tool designed primarily to help bank customers qualify for a home loan, will be added to the list of significant banking achievements. For the first time home buyers can easily understand the home buying process from start to finish, at their own pace, and from the comfort of their own home.


Available as of 2014:


Extensive computing abilities have made this system possible on various platforms. It works equally well on desktops, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. The portable formats allows home buyers and mortgage professionals to take the system with them wherever they go. Speeds running in milliseconds while Cloud Servers are fed data present a seamless experience to the user. More than your typical financial calculator, the site runs a series of complex equations, involving algorithmic formulas and probability tables. The site duplicates the computing abilities of a seasoned loan officer. It returns qualifying Housing and Debt Ratios which is borrower specific to their income and monthly debt.


Whether the original Sales Price or Loan Amount entered by the borrower is too high or too low, the system will return the correct adjusted Sales Price and Loan Amount specific to the borrower’s income and monthly debt within QM guidelines. It will perform all these functions in milliseconds and without any personally identifying information. Yes that’s right, without a loan application, a credit report, or even a borrower’s name, the system accurately delivers Housing and Debt ratios that are QM compliant.


The Bigger Marvel

The bigger marvel is what happens seamlessly in the background. Typically, computing for housing and debt ratios requires an experienced Loan Officer to gather all necessary debt and income information and perform complex calculations over an extended period of time. However this system, with 100% accuracy and taking only milliseconds, duplicates this process. It computes and provides the user’s correct housing and debt to income Ratios specific to the borrower’s income and monthly debt.


Without having the borrower re-enter various Loan Amounts and Sales Prices the system literally runs hundreds of different scenarios in the background before providing the correct Loan Amount and Sales Prices that are within QM compliant guidelines. The end result is a proprietary online system that replicates the complex prequalification abilities of a seasoned loan officer.

A Historic Breakthrough

Just like the introduction of the ATM machines, the first supermarket branches and online banking, we are now experiencing a historical breakthrough with this latest technological achievement, the first online Automated Loan Officer. We strongly believe that now we can take the banking industry in the next stages of technological achievements with this breakthrough technology.


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