QM Compliant Ratios

QM Compliant Ratios: Our team kept in mind the need to properly educate a Homebuyer while making them aware of the Bank's requirements and conditions. The user is made to understand the requirements set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The system takes the homebuyers income and correctly adjusts the Sales Price and Loan amount while complying with QM Ratios guidelines. The system is designed to run a complex array of calculations and within seconds allows the homebuyer to view their maximum Sales Price and Loan Amount within the required QM Ratio guidelines.


Efha.com is at the forefront of Mortgage based technology. Our 9 Billion dollar team has created the first computer based Loan Officer. It performs the usual prequalification processes without a live loan officer present.


QM Compliant Leads: All generated QM leads through our system will contain the following:


  1. Your Bank's specific loan program selected by the user.
  2. Borrower's selected County and City, showing maximum allowable Loan Limit.
  3. Applied Loan Amount, Sales Price and Downpayment adjusted upward or downward qualified to borrower's income, debt and assets entered.
  4. QM Compliant Ratios specific to adjusted Loan Amount and other terms.
  5. Preliminary Underwriting Loan Conditions that are within FHA or Bank guidelines that are specific to the borrower's scenario.
  6. Name of borrower's Real Estate Agent, if entered.
  7. Borrower's contact information to include name, email address or phone number.
  8. Time and Date Stamp when request was made.

NOTE: All potential borrowers are preliminary qualified to a specific bank's rate, fee and program. Sales Price and Loan Amount may be adjusted to comply to QM ratios.