Backed by a $9 Billion Team

eFHA was created by a highly experienced mortgage team with a proven track record. This team successfully grew mortgage production from $0 to over $9 Billion in Submitted Online Mortgage Loans. After 2 years of Research and Development the latest technology has launched.


The team’s goal was to create the most technological online mortgage tool to replicate the logical abilities of a seasoned Loan Officer.


With the knowhow and a futuristic mindset we were successful in duplicating the initial prequalification process that included computing for housing and debt ratios and providing specific loan conditions while complying with recent QM guidelines.


While maintaining high Mortgage production, our team was able to generate exponential growth while reducing the cost to produce per loan. Their abilities and experience include over 30 years of combined mortgage background that covers processing, underwriting, funding, secondary marketing, servicing, warehouse lending, compliance and IT Mortgage platforms.


We haven’t stopped working. The team’s most creative members are continuing to design future platforms that complement and enhance our Automated Loan Officer. We have moved so far ahead with our research and technology and we intend to stay number one in this field.