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Who We Are

First Home Agency, LLC is a mortgage technology company based in California. Our flagship product is eFHA.com which features our “Automated Loan Officer” technology. This Web Based platform duplicates the abilities of a seasoned loan officer. We are introducing this proprietary technology that has never been seen in the banking industry. This one of a kind technology is available only to Mortgage Banks and Depository Banks.


Our platform is highly customizable and will compliment any existing system. It allows the homebuyer to go through the initial prequalification mortgage process in 4 easy steps, all in a matter of minutes. This proprietary web based platform was designed by a Billion Dollar Team with extensive mortgage Banking experience. The team was successful in generating 9 Billion in online Mortgage production with similar cutting edge technology.


Two years of extensive research and development was invested in this platform. The team’s primary goal was to design a system that offers 100% anonymity to a potential borrower while qualifying them at the same time. Performing this function with very high accuracy is just one of the several achievements of this platform.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create the most technological advanced online mortgage platform that can qualify a homebuyer with ease and anonymity.


Our system doubles as an educational and qualifying tool for both home buyers and mortgage professionals. The step by step nature and ease of use of the site is designed to increase loan production exponentially. It creates efficiencies by reducing the cost to produce significantly. .


Aside from increasing mortgage loan production and reducing cost to produce it also becomes a powerful learning tool for new and existing Loan Officers. It gives users, whether they are a Bank Officer or a prospective homebuyer, the ability to try different scenarios and bank programs with 100% accuracy. .

Our Objectives

1. Do More With Less

The system is designed to execute various loan scenarios with a variety of available Bank specific loan programs. Keeping compliance in mind, another primary goal of our team was to recreate the abilities of a Loan Officer in an automated system that correctly computes for Housing and Debt to Income Ratios to ensure compliance with QM regulations.


We accomplished this task with complex calculations requiring only minimal data from the user. In spite the fact that each scenario is different for each user, the system is able to accurately provide the correct maximum Sales Price and Loan Amount based on the specific individual’s income and monthly debt.

2. Meet QM Compliance Guidelines

Have the system correctly compute the Housing and Debt Ratios while complying with QM set guidelines. The outcome is phenomenal since the system will correctly produces the correct Sales Price and Loan Amount based on the individual’s income and monthly debt. It will also provide a participating Bank a Qualified Borrower that has been prescreened to the Bank’s Loan Program requirements and Underwriting Guidelines.

3. Secure Process

Have the mortgage qualifying process run without the user’s identity information. The system is unique in that it does not require a loan application or credit report to arrive at QM compliant Housing and Debt Ratios.

4. Fast

Perform all tasks in milliseconds while making the complexity of the formula seamless to the user. To add to the ease of use, the system pricing, ratios, and conditions are all computed with the need for a submit button.

5. Efficient

Implement all these functions in 4 Simple Steps. It was designed to educate the borrower in the Mortgage Process while qualifying them for a home loan at the same time.

6. Provide Direct Connections

Allow the Homebuyers to send their information directly to a participating Bank for immediate underwriting. Not only will the Bank receive a Qualified Mortgage Submission, but the borrower will have the complete list of specific bank loan conditions necessary to qualify for the selected loan program.

Now Hiring Account Ambassadors

Join a progressive company that is looking for Account Executive to introduce our cutting edge technology directly to Depository and Mortgage Banks. Our technology is designed to increase Mortgage Production exponentially by connecting QM qualified borrowers with mortgage professionals. Prospective applications must have a thorough understanding of the mortgage process and must have the computer skills necessary to demonstrate our product. Our product is a nationwide platform and we are hiring individuals from all states.

Interested individuals can email us directly at team@efha.com

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